San Francisco Project Labor Agreement

« A wide range of public sector projects will fall under Citywide PLA, » the unions say. « The construction, renovation, seismic modernization and modernization of urban infrastructure and buildings such as fire and police stations, libraries, hospitals and public work projects are covered. Staff policy requires contractors applying for the Department of Public Works, Recreation and Parks and other municipal services to work under the conditions set out in Citywide PLA collective agreements. The agreement highlights the need for a highly skilled workforce to tackle critical jobs and ensure these workers have competitive wages, health services and pension benefits. « This agreement is very important in that it will protect all workers to ensure that they receive the wages, benefits and working conditions they earn when working on publicly funded projects, » said Larry Mazzola, Jr., president of the San Francisco Building and Construction Trades Council and Business Manager von Plombier and Pipefitters Union Local 38. who are candidates for this work, to ensure that the tendering process is fair and fair. I would like to thank Mayor London Breed, who believed in these LTCs and accepted that workers deserved this protection when working on urban construction. Without it, the agreement would not have been reached. And yet, in San Francisco, unlike other major cities, we really don`t use non-union work for public projects. Figures produced by the mayor`s office reveal that 99.8% of the work was done by unionized workers in the last urban accessibility loan. As such, city officials complain that project work contracts are twofold and that money and resources are moving away from affordable housing and red tape. Previous studies have also found increased costs when using PLA, including a 2000 study of a Nevada PLA water administration project, which determined that the project cost an additional $200,000 because the real weak supplier refused to sign the PLA. The project then went to a union contractor with a $200,000 increase in bid. [123] Also in 2000, a study was commissioned by Jefferson County, The New York Board of Legislators, which examined the possible use of a PLA for the Jefferson County Court complex, and concluded that a PLA could cost an additional $955,000.

The estimated overall increase in project costs, if a LLP were to be used, would have been 7% of the total project cost. [124] In 2019, the Commission approved the second endorsement to the PLA, which extends the agreement to seven other projects, which updated the provisions of the PLA to be compatible with the terms of the extension agreement and authorized the Director General to include additional projects in the PLA, with the agreement of the Joint Management Committee (JAC) , without the Commission requiring the approval or formal modification of the agreement. The seven projects are: Harding Park Recycled Water Project, Bay Corridor Transmission and Distribution Project, Sunol Long Term Improvements Watershed Center Project, Auxiliary Water Supply System Pipeline Improvements Projects, Southeast Community Center Project at 1550 Evans, Treasure Island Wastewater Treatment Plant Project and Mountain Tunnel Improvement Project.