Claim In Stock Purchase Agreement

4.15. Contracts. With the exception of contracts that can be fixed at [NUMBER] days or less days without penalty, Schedule 4 defines all the following contracts in which the entity is involved or to which one of its assets is bound (together the « material contracts »): (a) the debt or debt contracts; b) Guaranties constitution contracts; (c) individual capital expenditure contracts that are greater than the purchase or sale of real estate, a transaction or industry, or a merger or consolidation; (e) joint venture, limited liability company or company contracts; (f) the leasing of materials; (g) employment contracts that are not terminated after a period of [NUMBER] without further severance pay and with an annual allowance greater than 100% higher than this one; and (h) other contracts that, after the date of payment or receipt of more than 12 months, individually require, after their respective date, payment or receipt of more than 12 months or the aggregate of  » . The company has fulfilled, on all essential points, all the conditions of the equipment contracts in which it is involved and has not done or carried out any act that could physically deny or interfere with its rights under a material contract. To the company`s knowledge, there are no allegations or claims that the company violated, violated or delayed the material of a material contract. Authentic, correct and complete copies of all hardware contracts were delivered to the buyer. (a) The compensated party is entitled to participate, at its own expense, in the defence of this third-party claim (provided, however, that the parties who are compensated pay the costs of counseling the compensated party if ((i) the use of separate legal assistance has been authorized in writing by all parties compensated in the defence of that claim. (iii) the compensated party reasonably concluded that the compensated party may have different defences than those available to the sending party. , or (iv) the Board of the compensated party notified in writing to the compensated party, accompanied by a copy sent to the compensated party, that there is a conflict of interest that could reasonably be expected to violate current standards of professional conduct in order to have common legal assistance; With the exception of claims arising from or resulting from actual fraud, from and after the completion date, the only exclusive and exclusive remedy for any violation or non-performance, or an alleged violation or breach of a guarantee or guarantee, or a violation or alleged breach of obligations or agreements in this agreement, compensation must be compensated under this section.