Harvard Patent License Agreement

7.3 LICENSEE may terminate this contract by notifying HARVARD ninety (90) days before termination of a termination fee of [amount] dollar ([amount]). Once completed, LICENSEE provides HARVARD with a definitive report on licenses and all licensing fees charged by HARVARD and unpaid patent fees are immediately payable. 2.1 HARVARD is the owner by the transfer of its entire right, title and interest in the United States patent application [serial number] entitled [invention] (Harvard case [number]), in corresponding foreign patent applications and on the inventions described and claimed there. 1.9 BREVET RIGHTS: the patent application filed in the « serial number » of the USSN [serial number], the inventions described and claimed in it, as well as all the inventions mentioned in it, prosecution, prosecution, partial suit, to the extent that the claims are intended for the purpose expressly described in ussn [serial number] and are dominated by the claims of the rights , patents that are produced or redistributed there, as well as by all foreign patents and patent applications corresponding to the ownership of HARVARD. (b) LICENSEE pays HARVARD, on each licence report, the amount of the licence fee due for that half. If several technologies are covered by the license covered below, LICENSEE must indicate the BREVET RIGHTS AND THE BIOSEED MATERIALS USED FOR EVERY LICENCE AND LICENCE (a) a non-exclusive commercial license under BREVET RIGHTS and 5.6 If LICENSEE or a sublicensed licensee (or holder of an option) is not classified as a « small entity, » as required by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, LICENSEE must notify HARVARD immediately. (a) LICENSEE pays HARVARD a licence fee of (number) of 10 per cent ([number]) for the duration of license and sublicensing NET SALES agreement. In the case of sublicensings, LICENSEE also pays HARVARD a fee of [number] of 1%([number]) – VON NON-ROYALTY SUBLICENSE INCOME.

9.3 LICENSEE presents in all sublicensings granted under this agreement that LICENSEE`s interest in such sublicensings is terminated, in the choice of HARVARD, for termination of it or transferred to Harvard. 8.9 LICENSEE must comply with all applicable laws and regulations. In particular, it is understood and recognized that the transfer of certain goods and technical data is governed by U.S. laws and regulations that control the export of these goods and technical data, including all U.S. Department of Commerce export authorization rules. These laws and regulations prohibit or require, among other things, a license for the export of certain types of technical data to certain countries. LICENSEE accepts and assures in writing that it complies with all U.S. laws and regulations that control the export of goods and technical data, that it is solely responsible for any such violation by LICENSEE or its AFFILIATE, and that it will defend and maintain HARVARD unscathed in the event of any legal action of any kind due to such a violation. 7.1 This contract will remain in effect until the last patent application in PATENT RIGHTS expires or denies, unless it is terminated as it indicates. manufacturing and used, sell and sold THE EDEDABLE PRODUITS, and the EDABLES processes of practicing patent rights for life.

These licenses include the right to sublicensing, subject to the authorization of HARVARD, which has no obligation to insanity the authorization. In order to offer commercial exclusivity to LICENSEE, as long as the license is exclusive under PATENT RIGHTS, HARVARD agrees not to license PATENT RIGHTS to others, unless required in paragraph 3.2 (a) or paragraph 3.2 (b) and does not provide other biological materials for commercial purposes.