Erc Synergy Grant Agreement

The lump sum of indirect costs can be estimated at 25% of all direct costs (excluding subcontracting costs and all costs provided by third parties and not foreseen by the status of the stock exchange) (case: not in companies). In the four ERC funding lines, z.B. whether the principal investigator is to relocate to Europe for the ERC grant or if larger equipment is to be purchased for the project. The granting of a supplement is always a case-by-case decision of the evaluators. Therefore, the costs requested should be sufficiently explained, well justified and explicitly highlighted in the proposal. The Synergy Grant ERC is awarded to the IHB, which hires and hosts the ICC at least for the duration of the grant, as well as to any other EI that hires and hosts other people involved in the project. Host institutions must commit payments at least for the duration of the grant and provide appropriate conditions for assisted individuals to independently manage the proposed research and manage project funding for its duration. Individuals who exceed the quality threshold in stage 3 , with « A » – are evaluated. Depending on the budget available for the tender, the classification is subject to a budget reduction and only the highest rated proposals receive a grant from the ERC until the tender budget is exhausted. In principle, this type of position can be financed through the ERC grant. As a general rule, administrative and secretarial assistance is covered by overhead/indirect costs. However, if the secretary`s work can be taken directly and exclusively from the project and this is consistent with the usual administrative and accounting practices of the host institution, the costs may be considered as direct costs.

The invitation letter contains information on documents and declarations to be submitted through the funding and tender portal, project staff contact information and the timing of grant preparation. An ERC grant can cover up to 100% of the total cost of eligible direct research, plus a contribution of 25% of the total cost eligible for indirect costs. The funding ID is intended to ensure that, in the event of a successful ERC grant application, there is no financial or thematic overlap with other IP projects. In order to avoid any impression of dual funding and to clarify that IP has sufficient time for the ERC project, the funding ID should list all existing, past and future grants, projects, etc., that may be relevant in this regard. The NTNU developed the Onsager Fellowship and Outstanding Academic Fellows program to double the number of ERC scholarships awarded to Horizon 2020 researchers compared to the 7th Framework Program. If a proposal has been successfully evaluated and the Senior Auditor accepts the ERC grant, the ERC prepares an application-based grant agreement. This grant agreement offers few opportunities for adaptation. As a general rule, the agreement is non-negotiable. For an ERC grant application to be complete, administrative forms, research proposal and additional documents must be included. The completed proposal should be submitted before the specified deadline.