Emirates Interline Baggage Agreements

An Interline agreement is a relationship between airlines that allows an airline to sell services provided by another airline to a customer. Airlines use interline agreements to sell routes that they would otherwise not be able to serve on their own. South African low-cost carrier FlySafair and major international airline Emirates announced on Monday that they had reached an Interline deal. This means that people can use a single ticket to travel with both airlines, whether they arrive or leave South Africa, their luggage being automatically transferred from one airline to another. « We are pleased to begin our interline partnership with FlySafair, » said Emirates Senior VP: Commercial Operations for Africa Badr Abbas. « Your network complements our South African presence and provides a number of connections to our customers, making it a natural partnership. Together, we offer new travel opportunities and more choice for customers who wish to travel the country. We look forward to working together and strengthening our relationships in the future. Emirates and Airlink have announced an interline agreement that extends the UAE`s reach to southern Africa as countries begin to open their borders to travellers. If baggage screening between Emirates and the other airline is not possible, ensure that there is sufficient time between arrival at the airport, baggage pick-up, customs clearance and check-in for the continuation of the flight, as well as any delays, to avoid inconvenience and costs of a missed flight. Emirates and FlySafair are interline, allowing Emirates customers to have more access to flights in South Africa.

The agreement will allow Emirates customers to purchase a single itinerary with both airlines, which is also accompanied by baggage marking. Less than a month ago, Emirates announced a new interline agreement with Airlink, another regional airline in South Africa. Airlink has a little more connectivity in South Africa and beyond compared to FlySafair. The Dubai makers Emirates and FlySafair have announced an Interline agreement to open routes on selected routes on the network in South Africa. Q – What is the baggage policy when you fly with Emirates and connect with other airlines? If your trip starts with another airline that connects with an Emirates flight, please contact that airline for baggage screening policies. « Today, we are pleased to announce the launch of our Interline agreement with Emirates Airline, » said Kirby Gordon, FlySafair`s Marketing Director. « Emirates` excellent service and extensive network are world-renowned, and we are proud to be with them to provide customers with better travel connectivity. » It wasn`t emirates, but we flew last year with Etihad to Koh Samui, then with a codeshare flight to Koh Samui, and on the way out, we asked if they had bags up to Nachs. Samui could check, and she said she couldn`t, but on the way back, the girl at Samui`s check-in counter checked our pockets directly and without any problems. but in any case, as Hans says, contact Emirates because you have 2 separate tickets and this could be another rule.