Customer Support Agreement Pc World

Many customers get frustrated when they try to access the after-sales service centers I bought a freezer in September 2020 that was defective and an engineer at Currys reported that it could not be repaired. I was told that I would be refunded within 14-18 days after collection. I`ve been waiting for 6 weeks now and I can`t get my refund, even though I received an email refining that I would be refunded within 5 business days from November 24th, but still nothing. So I filed a complaint about PayPal, but they concluded the dispute in favor of curries, because they say I have not proven that I received the item. I gave them all the details I had, including the details of the collection curated by Currys for the return. I contacted Currys again, and they say from today that they have processed my refund, so I have to open a PayPal argument. I don`t know what to do next. I have asked PayPal reconsider my application, but I have to wait 3 working days before the matter is taken into consideration. The refund is definitely not in my PayPal account, since I checked and told this to the Currys` after-sales service agent, but he said he couldn`t help me anymore. I`ve called so many times and used web chat, and I`ve never done anything. You may also recover your money from your credit card issuer in accordance with the section 75 agreement if the item was over £100. If you paid on PayPal, you can also argue with them to try to get your money back.

This is a delaying tactic used by Curry PC World, because at the end of the 14 days, the refund continues to be refunded, unless the customer starts claiming it. This allows Currys PC World to assert that the customer is outside the 14-day online right of withdrawal in accordance with the rules of the 2013 consumer contract. Thank you Scott. Unfortunately, my insurance – the AA – said I had to take care of it myself! I have a testimony that I sent them the day after the incident. I will come back to her. One of the main problems seems to be not having the license plate of the vehicle in question. I have other witnesses who heard the accident and saw the truck leave at high speed! Thank God for social media, I found all the witnesses. It seems that Curry has acknowledged mistakes, but the systems are so appalling that the « customer service » system cannot help and it is impossible to reach anyone in the company. Just last month, our other sister, entitled Mail on Sunday, reported that she had received complaints from people who had received payments for product support that they had never requested. Currys PC World also illegally withholds refunds for long periods of time, as a small percentage of customers simply give up, accept credits or vouchers, or in some cases a customer forgets/gets sick/dies/moves abroad, etc.

Consumers are also aware of their consumer rights and how they can obtain remedies. Treating customers unfairly will only take so long – at some point you won`t have any customers at all. « We also work hard with our suppliers and in our distribution centers to ensure that every order is fulfilled correctly.