Broad Agency Agreement

The technique can be used to « acquire scientific studies and experiments aimed at advancing the state of the art or broadening knowledge or understanding ». The technique shares the name of the means to initiate them. [1] The announcement, published in Federal Business Opportunities,[3] describes « broadly defined areas of focus. » [1] Proposals received in response to the announcement are evaluated under a peer-review or scientific procedure[1] against the more traditional proposal evaluation technique referred to in subsection FAR 15.3[4] The award of the technology is considered to comply with the legal requirement of competition in the Contracting Act for full and open competition (compared to a non-bid contract). [5] For applicants requesting cooperation agreements, applicants should support 3DEP`s reporting obligations as explicitly as possible. However, the minimum requirement is to list the agencies that provide funds to directly support the project. For example, when a State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) provides $100,000 to support a project, the proposal may list the state DNR as a financial partner, whether or not the state DNR has received a portion of its funding from a federal source. 3DEP would encourage the applicant to document any cooperation with federal partners in their project summaries. Proposals for financial support (cooperation agreements) (for projects acquired through the applicant`s contract) must be submitted electronically via the portal. To apply on the portal, go to

Applicants will receive an automatic response from confirming that the application has been successfully filed with In addition, immediately after the expiry of the contract notice, the applicant shall receive an official acknowledgement of receipt from the contract staff. IMPORTANT NOTE: Applicants who apply for and receive financial assistance through a cooperation agreement or cost-sharing contract are notified by a contract manager in order to complete the award process. Additional paperwork may be required. The involvement of partners is essential to ensure that the project support award is completed in a timely manner to meet the desired acquisition dates. However, many public authorities receive part of their annual operating costs from a federal source and use it as they see fit, based on the authorities under which the funds were transferred to the state. An applicant must comply with any specific instructions or conditions set out in the original agreement. « Cost sharing » reflects the funding of the partner (applicant). Applicants can be the state, localities, tribes, non-profit organizations or the private sector. If you are a public authority requesting BAA funding, your public resources would be the state`s « participation » in the costs. The financing plan for each BAA partnership project consists of « partner financing » and « requested credits from 3DEP ». Promotion partners and their proposed contribution are listed in the « Proposed Funding Table » of the proposed submission tool (Appendix A).

Should there be a partnership contract with another private company or can a private entity assume the entire mission of a given AOI if it is able to do so? BAAs can be used to outsource FAR-based contracts or not FAR-based agreements….